Oliver Digs Deep on “Did I”

This is a good day for me because I’m getting a lot of submissions from DMV-centric artists. This one comes from 24-year-old DC artist Oliver and, man! When I say that this brother’s spitting on this one, he’s spitting for real.

What I love most about “Did I” is that it’s revolutionary, but not just revolutionary in concept. He digs deeper than surface protesting and calls for justice. Instead, he wants to attack some of the problems we as a people face at their cores. However, he also admits to not having all the answers, which adds a healthy amount of humility to his bars. On a purely lyrical standpoint, his schemes are relatively complex and intricate, kind of like a young Lupe. All in all, the song is a bop, but it’s one of those bops that’ll leave you thinking about ways to improve your community. I feel this one is timely for Oliver, since, according to his bio, the COVID pandemic forced him to take inventory of some important things in his life.

Check out “Did I” below and be on the lookout for his upcoming Stay With Us while remembering to support dope music in all its forms.

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