AKS Discusses Parenthood and Culture on “Parity”

I know today is Adele Day (what, with 30 finally being released). That’s cool and much props for her putting her life under the microscopes of millions of eager fans. However, the UK music scene is definitely more than Adele, kind of like the American scene is more than Olivia Rodrigo or Kendrick Lamar. Diversity is key in the musical realm. Case in point, AKS and his track “Parity.”

The just-under-three-minute track does more than it should, which is a great thing here. On “Parity,” the artist handles production and rhyming about what it’s like to be a Black father. That is, both the pressures and the goals he has as one.

As a Black father myself, I’m here for this energy and type of track. It gets hard sometimes. I mean, you’re constantly trying to not repeat the mistakes you dealt with and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to create a great life for your kids, better than the life you had growing up. Parity. It’s definitely a universal thing to want the best for your kids, even if you sometimes may not understand their generation (or vice versa). It’s one that, to tie things back into 30, even your Adeles can speak on.

I love this one, plain and simple. The video is cute and emotional, but also thought-provoking. Check out the visuals below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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