SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. One, 11/19/21

As much as I love love love writing huge, 250-plus-word write-ups for every track that comes my way, sometimes it gets hard to do so. I get a ton of good music that I may miss out on because I’m busy with the other 100 request I get a week. And yes, it gets more hectic when SubmitHub comes into play. So, I thought up something: “SOTBMusic Quickies.” These are not quite a long-form review, but not just an IG story post, either. Each Friday, I’ll take a few tracks and do quick reviews on them. This is Volume One of what should be a long-running series on SOTB.

“Batman” by Cliff Savage and TJ Brown

“Batman” takes a Christian Bale Dark Knight quote and turns it into a turn-up anthem. Cliff and TJ have a real Kendrick Lamar vibe to them because of the doubletime flow. On top of that, they both have a boatload of lyricism contained within the doubletime. This one is fire and is the perfect late-year anthem, as it’s bass-heavy and has a “break your neck to the beat” energy to it.

“One Step Closer” by DiZ and Young Wabo

On a soulful flip, DiZ and Young Wabo touch the heavens and showcase why they’re not going to fail. This one feels a bit like a sequel to DiZ’s track with Dre Wave$ because it’s soulful but also dealing with some of the demons that come along with being an artist and a Black man in America. Each artist’s flow floats over the beat and the track ends at about two minutes, leaving you wanting more, but still content with what you got thus far.

“gotta deal” by Keepitinside

I think the best way to describe this one is that it’s sadboi lyricism sung like a breakup anthem/”I’ve got to move on from you” sort of song. That’s not to slight it, because Keepitinside’s vocals are beautiful and a bit chilling. They cut through the guitar-based beat and had me hanging on every word he sang, wanting to know if he would be able to deal with his ex being such. Not too many folks can do that for me these days, so kudos to Keepitinside for dropping this one.

“Catch Vibes” by Godbold Music

On the other side of the romantic spectrum, we’ve got Godbold Music’s “Catch Vibes,” which feature the American singer telling his partner that they’ve been thinking about them all day. I feel this, because sometimes, work and life gets stressful and you just wanna chill with your special someone, even if you’re not “Netflix and Chilling” with them. The rap bridges help make this one become a bit different as well.

These are just four of the tracks I’ve received that I’ll be working on getting write-ups for (between long-forms and Quickies) in the next few days. As mentioned on my Twitter, I’ll be taking some time off from SOTB this coming week because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Don’t stop sending good music and I won’t stop listening to it. Do the thing and support dope music in all its forms.

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