Anjelica Is Tired of Looking Through the Haystack

Anjelica’s “Haystack” gives me a vibe that’s part-Lady Gaga, part-mystifying expulsion of negative energy and negative people. I think that mostly has to do with how mystical the instrumental is. The beat is beautifully chaotic at points, but should still manage to keep heads bobbing. It’s boisterous and mystifying at once.

On top of that, Anjelica’s voice is very smooth but also powerful at the same time. It’s a solid track that works in its approach. Lyrically, Anjelica and RMR create a soundscape that dismissed foolishness while embracing self-empowerment. The recently-released visuals feature the duo in a dizzying video, as the camera twists and contorts its images at a breakneck pace. This adds to the idea of “your love is a drug that I don’t want” originally present in the song. The empowerment angle is also still there as RMR and Anjelica fight the good fight against their urges and come out on top.

Check out the song below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

UPDATED 11/19/21 to include video for track (below)

Speed on the Beat

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