KYTES Presents “hello (and it’s christmas)

‘Tis the season for family gatherings (safely done so, of course; we are still technically in a pandemic) and good cheer. German pop-soul group KYTES understood the assignment and delivered on their entry into the sometimes crowded market of Holiday songs, “hello (and it’s christmas).” Written before Christmas 2020, while the world was still in a largely locked-down state, the song details the group having a positive outlook on the future, a future where everyone will be able to safely be around each other. I dig the positivity on it. I also dig the vintage 60s/70s pop getups the group utilized in the video, as I’m a huge nerd for vintage looks.

While I’ve done my fair share of safe holidaying these last two years, I also haven’t been able to visit all of my family because they’re older. This song’s positivity also makes me want to gather my friends and family and tell them how much I love them. As this is a new era on (hard to believe I’ve owned this site for ten years in 2022), there will be a few holiday jams packed in with the usual “dope music in all its forms,” so be on the lookout for holiday songs that pique my interested. Check out “hello” below and do the thing: support dope music in all its forms.

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