Derek Forreal Channels Bob Ross with Big Rick

I’m usually not the type who’ll feature a song if it’s over a month old—unless it’s a retrospective sort of thing. It’s a rule of mine, since I know most readers tend to gravitate towards the most-recent stuff, unless it’s special. Derek Forreal isn’t your average rapper, though. The DMV native first graced SOTB with “Off the Muscle,” a bombastic claim of hip-hop excellence. His song “Bob Ross,” however, is a bit different but still keeps some of the same energy we got on “Muscle.”

While this one isn’t a happy accident, it manages to channel the essence of the legendary painter. The track itself is about creating one’s future and how, if you’re really about your art, no two songs will sound the same. Like Bob Ross, the duo on this track give it their all to create something that manages to be diverse while still being a bop, through and through. Derek and his feature Big Rick attack the beat with reckless abandon but also manage to precisely get their point across. They’re different (in a good way), like Bob Ross. Check out the track above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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