On “Thoughts Like This,” Elijah Blond Sets the Mood

Granted, this song probably feels more at place in the summer than it does during the middle of fall. However, Elijah Blond’s “Thoughts Like This” deals with going through negatives and focusing on the positives in life. I’m finding that I’m gravitating more towards artists who realize that not everything is doom, nor is everything sunshine. In fact, life is more a shade of grey than black or white. It’s the moments of color we find in that grey that can make or break us, and Blond understands this on “Thoughts.”

I love his vocals on this, as they kind of remind me ever so slightly of Brent Faiyaz. When he says, “when you see yourself as you are, ain’t no ego get involved,” I felt that. I felt it because I believe that people are so eager to show what they’re not, they sometimes lose focus of what they are. Check out the track below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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