INNOMUNO Presents Runnin’

This one crossed my inbox Saturday night and I ran it back a few times since then. It’s got a real Anderson.Paak thing to it, in that it’s conscious R&B that’s also just smooth and borderline neo-soul without being exactly neo-soul. INNOMUNO’s “Runnin'” is one of those “let’s discuss what money really does to people, specifically the constant hunt for wealth and success in life.” According to the submission, this one hits even closer to INNOMUNO’s heart as he’s been struggling a bit with dealing in a world where “you don’t know the rules and who sets them [in regards to making money and finding success].” It’s one of those things that can have a negative effect on one’s mental, and that’s explored a bit through the song as well. All in all, it’s smooth and melodic while also providing lyrical sustenance. In other words, it’s a great song.

Check out the song below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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