CHANHYUN Presents “On Television”

A huge shoutout must be given to the person who’s been submitting these Korean-language hip-hop and R&B songs to me. I’m a big fan of dope music in all its forms (it’s kinda my thing). And while I’m not fluent in Korean, I’m fluent in music and what makes a song a good one. It’s like how I know certain Japanese songs are beautiful. It’s because you can feel the emotions–even if you’re not able to read/sing it fluently.

CHANHYUN’s “On Television” gives me real Boyz II Men, ’90s R&B vibes. That’s even down to the smooth sax playing throughout the song. Now, the song itself is kind of an anthem for the lonely hearts out there. It’s for those people who have lost their special someone and still think about them from time to time–even though the relationship isn’t the same anymore. CHANHYUN’s vocals are amazing, as he can sing and emote very well. As mentioned, this one reminds me of a ’90s R&B song and got me in my feels, even more so as I tried to translate the lyrics. Note, Google Translate can only take you but so far. When things start to seem a bit odd, that’s where context clues come into play. It’s like translating reggaeton or Afrobeats, as some things are literal and some are more metaphorical.

Nevertheless, check out the track below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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