MOR Wants to Cool It with the Clubbing

The older you get, the less appealing going out and turning up until 3:00AM gets. I feel that, as sometimes I’m sleep before 11 on weekend nights. Swedish alt-pop group MOR also understands this as the group–fronted by singer Mapei, producer Thomas Rusiak and Fredrik Okazaki–recently dropped “Cool It.” “Cool” deals with that disillusionment with the heavy, always on go clubbing lifestyle and how they’ve moved on from it to better, less-stressing things. You may remember Mapei from her cut “Don’t Wait” a few years back or you may recognize her name from the credits on DONDA (since Kanye and his team sampled one of her songs on “New Again”). As for Okazaki, he’s worked with FKA Twigs extensively. And Rusiak’s had credits from Swedish rappers, Slick Rick and other talents.

Wherever you know the trio from, the smoothness of “Cool It” is sure to make you want to move. That is, dance a bit and not to the point you’re throwing your hind quarters around in a circle. I was pitched MOR as being like “if Erykah Badu fronted a Swedish supergroup” and I’ve got to say. The pitch was pretty much on the money. The track is soulful and playful, but carries a motive to educate and uplift at the same time–just like a Badu song. Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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