Stella Katherine Cole is Not “Fine” with Being “Fine”

I love this one, plain and simple. It’s like what’d happen if early Adele meshed with Alessia Cara and Billie Eilish. In other words, it’s empowering but still vulnerable music over driving pop melodies that would sound just as in place today as they would in the 1960s. Working with long-term collaborator Emma Scotson, “Fine” finds the duo eschewing traditional pop methods and dropping listeners right into a sense of “things aren’t what they seem.” This one, according to the press release, is about a multitude of ways to say “no.” I like the confidence the duo delivers their vocals with Scotson coyly harmonizing with Cole’s main lyrics to both mock convention and add an extra dimension of introspection.

The video finds Cole and Scotson ironically participating in things that “good girls” and “good guys” are supposed to. When the images are placed next to the song’s lyrics and meaning(s), you’re given a multilayered view into the mind of a modern woman. Things aren’t entirely fine, and in some ways, it’s everyone’s fault. But, they’ll be fine once they know that saying no isn’t the end of them. At least that’s what I got from the track. I enjoyed listening to this one because it was multifaceted while disguising itself as an upbeat pop song.

Check out the visuals above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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