SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. 2: 11/26/21

Okay, so I lied. I don’t have a logo for the SOTB Quickies just yet. However, the rules are the same. I’ve got some tracks that are great but, because of time restraints, I can’t do a full-on review of them. But…I don’t want to just post them on my IG. That’s where “SOTBMusic Quickies” come in, a weekly grouping of dope mini-reviews. Let’s delve into Week 2’s SOTBMusic Quickies.

Stephen Hero: “Far Side”

Canadian rapper Stephen Hero hit my line Wednesday with “Far Side.” I’m a huge fan of the production on this, as it allows for Stephen to spit some dope, emotionally-raw raps. This one is the final track of Hero’s Eat the Rich EP, an EP about the class war we all go through on a regular basis. “Far Side” keeps that same energy as it speaks on some of the “hopeless moments” Stephen’s gone through while growing up and growing as a human being while talking about classism. If you like this one, I recommend checking out his EP in its entirety.

G4 Jag: Lamar Silas EP

G4 Jag’s EP is dedicated to BMF character Lamar Silas. We most likely know who Lamar’s based on, so we’re not going to get into that too much. However, this one is gritty coke rap at its finest. Think Griselda for a comparison. This one is 15 minutes of “get that money” raps over heavily-sampled beats. So, if you need some get that cash energy today, this one is a solid collection of tracks for just that. My favorite track is the title track on the EP, in case if you’re wondering.

Chillmonday and Tamara Canada: “Drunk Texting”

South Korea and the UK connect on “Drunk Texting,” an alt-R&B song that’s a bit unlike the other Quickies this week. It’s about the energies we may feel when we’re dealing with emotions–and horniness–while drunk and thinking about an ex. I love this one because it blends experiences from Chillmonday and Tamara Canada and makes it a coherent story. Check it out before you hit up your ex for some after Thanksgiving loving.

Chase Taylor: “Mad Love

Chase hit my line with two tracks. The first of them I passed on because it felt a bit too out there for the site. The second one is “Mad Love,” a lo-fi homage to all the good people and things in his life. I love this one because it sounds a lot like Mac Miller (and y’all know me: anyone who sounds like Mac gets my attention, especially if they’re talking about good stuff). However, it still manages to be its own thing. The beat is also top-notch and was one of the first things I took notice of when I started this one up.

New Zephland, King Cooley and Iamusick: “Tanika’s Heart

Seeing as yesterday was a family holiday, this one hits a bit different. Zephland described it as representing generations of love, memories and kinship. When the church organs hit to start the track off and the trio channeled College Dropout Ye? Yeah, this one got my attention, and that’s before you even get down to the lyricism that everyone provides here. This one is like soul food for the ears. Check it out.

Michael O.: “Overload

Michael O. described this one as a mix between Davido and Chris Brown. I feel that’s an accurate description because it’s sexy and playful while also hammering home the point that Michael O. is the guy his partner should want to be with. I love that Afropop has become mainstream, because African R&B and pop artists are freakin’ awesome in the way they blend their backgrounds with modern sensibilities with soulful production and lyrics to create a whole new sound. This one was designed to blend those warm winter snugglies with some scorching hot Afro-fusion.

Check out these songs and remember to do the thing. Support dope music in all its forms, regardless of how many words I give it. Trust me: if it’s on the site, I rock with it and I’d like to think my ear’s pretty good for dope music.

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