Spitty the Sequel “Be Grindin” on New Track

I Work Because I Have To is the title of Spitty The Sequel’s upcoming album. Truthfully, I feel that (even though I like my traditional, non-SOTB-related job fine enough). If I could get enough money from writing and recording to do it full-time, I would, though. No doubt about it. Who wouldn’t follow their passion to riches and fine things? Hell, even if you’re not rich rich off your passion, who wouldn’t want to turn what they love into a bit of money? Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life (As a sidenote, please watch Letterkenny. You’ll understand me and why I write so much that much more from the series’ wittiness).

That’s why I got into “I Be Grindin,” the latest track from Spitty which was produced by J-Ideas. “Grindin” is a golden age-era sounding track that sounds a bit like Mac, a bit like early Kanye, a dash like Blu and a bit like Open Mike Eagle in its approach. It’s a beautifully put together track, in that it has witty lines and a great boombap feel to it. However, the “Heart of the City”-inspired track is more than just wit and boombap as there’s a lot of heart in the lyrics as well. It’s one of those songs you may find yourself singing along with at work, regardless if you’re a “Blu Collar Worker” or a white-collared one.

If I Work… is anything like “I Be Grindin” in its approach to working to find your dreams, I’m here for it. Check out the track below and remember to support dope music in all its forms. You never know where you’ll find your passion or inspiration.

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