Foxfrd Goes Through Various Emotions on Tempest

I have above the latest visuals/song from R&B singer/video game animator Foxfrd, “Tempest,” which plays like a part one of numerous. In the video, we find the singer–or at least the singer’s avatar–drifting through space until he’s rescued by a woman made of light and stars. If it sounds a bit trippy, it is, but it’s with a purpose versus just being trippy for trippy’s sake. The song and its visuals run parallel to Foxfrd’s growing repertoire as an artist and how the support he’s received has shed light on some dark moments throughout the years.

What’s really interesting about this track is that the drum pattern finds itself sampled from the reload sound from the Borderlands series (at least the “snare”). Those sort of Easter eggs will lend themselves well to making his music endearing to video game fans and music nerds alike. The end result is a somewhat ethereal production that finds Foxfrd growing as a person throughout the length of the song, only to leave us with a “To Be Continued” at the end of the clip. It’s captivating stuff, truly, so check it out above and remember to support dope music in all its forms (especially when Foxfrd’s debut EP is slated for release next month).

Speed on the Beat

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