Nephie and Knowledge the Kid Speak on Equality on “Ghost”

Nephie is one of those DMV-centric artists who’s different than most, mainly because he aims to be a storyteller as well as a dope rhymesayer. His latest is entiled “Ghost” and features Detroit native Knowledge the Kid (who recorded his vocals after getting his equipment stolen). It continues with some of the same energy we got on “Complicated.” However, instead of talking about one relationship, the duo opt to discuss their relationships with regards to the movement for equality.

The visuals features protest shots and various Black and Brown people standing in solidarity (with a few white faces in there as well). Over a Lupe-esque beat, Nephie and Knowledge speak on what they’re doing to fight the good fight against bigots and racists while also acknowledging it may lose them support initially. That honesty and realism with regards to discussing a movement is appreciated, as some artists will just say they’re going to do XYZ and leave it at that instead of looking at their choices from other sides of the picture.

If you thought that Nephie’s “Complicated” was a unique take on the love song, you’ll enjoy this one as well. Check out the visuals below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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