Kevonna Rose Amazes on “In Between Kisses”

Above, we have the latest track from Philly-residing pop-soul artist Kevonna Rose, who’s seen her efforts rewarded with a look from NPR and various outlets calling her voice beautiful. They weren’t lying, as Rose’s voice is heavenly as it bounces around on “In Between Kisses.” This one focuses on those initial feelings during a relationship, where you’re intoxicated by your lover and their kisses. I know how that feels, more than my hardened exterior may lead you to believe.

She doesn’t care about the future, instead opting to get lost in her present with her lover. Those kisses have a therapeutic feeling to them. The same could be said about Rose’s vocals, as while they’re divine and a treat on the ears, they also have a beauty to them that has the potential to heal a broken heart—or at the least persuade someone to give love another try. Music like that doesn’t come around every day. When it does, you’ve got to stop what you’re doing, take note of the artist and the message(s) they’re putting down and follow their career. What I’m saying is this: Kevonna Rose’s “In Between Kisses” is one of those special songs, one that’s focused just as much on those initial moments as it is on those later moments in a relationship where a single kiss is all that’s needed to rectify a bad day.

This one is slated to be on her upcoming EP, which is slated to drop in February 2022. If it’s anything like this, I’ll be sure to give it a spin or three when it drops. For now, check out “In Between Kisses” above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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