Lethal Dialect Presents Salt of the Earth

Over a boombap-heavy beat, Irish artist Lethal Dialect speaks a bit about his past and upbringing over “Salt of the Earth.” The song, which features on LD’s Songs of a Dead Dreamer, combines boombap that’s old-school East Coast-friendly with a North Dublin accent. It’s kind of what you’d get if Nas, Doom and an Irish rap lover collaborated to make a song that’s equal parts “this is where I came from” and “this is where I still want to go.” I love the production on this one, as it’s a bit dreamy. This sits right in place with the album’s themes of revisiting the past and seeing where one goes after they grow up.

If you want some old-school rap for your Saturday evening, I think this is a good one to check out. Peep it above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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