AllTheHipe and Astral Housefly Speak of the Hands of Our Fathers

Keeping with the sociopolitical vibes of Flash E Williams’ “Simple,” this one from AllTheHipe and Astral Housefly speak on protests, social injustice and racism as perpetuated by the philosophies America’s founding fathers harbored. Yes, America has potential to be great (no Tr*mp sympathy here, though). However, it can’t be as “great” as some think it is–unless you’re willing to rebuild the whole thing from the ground up. Why? Well, as Hipe and Astral state, there’s more to the issue than voting a certain way all the time. That’s especially when the system you’re voting within seems destined to disenfranchise people of color and other minorities. The song itself is sonically sound and lyrically impressive, so check it out below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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