Denisse Takes Wants Us to Go Higher

Above, we’ve got the latest from Denisse Takes, an artist out of LA. On “Go Higher,” Denisse discusses why she’s cut from a different cloth than your average woman rapper. For starters, she’s an organ transplant recipient who uses her near-death experience to give her bars an additional bit of weight. That’s exactly what happens here, as she delivers bars on our current societal situation from her perspective.

On “Go Higher,” Takes decides to go speak to the folks who don’t believe in God, those who do believe in God (both those who follow blindly and those who distort the Bible’s teachings to act holier than thou) and also those who don’t believe in the science behind modern medicine. On Twitter, Takes clarified the intent of these lyrics, as she is agnostic. She wanted to showcase that what God may really want isn’t what those who’ve twisted the Bible to weaponize it on both sides of the pandemic have said.

She also challenges the false prophets in the world to use their influence to better the world. This hits different in the age of a pandemic. That’s mainly because the pandemic has made people question a lot, sometimes for the better but often for the worst. Overall, the song’s got a bit of an old-school rap feel to it, in that the beat isn’t overproduced and the bars are to the point. Lyrically, Denisse kind of reminds me of a Lex Rush type of rapper; she’s poignant but also delivers her truths in a slightly matter-of-fact sort of way.

Check out the song above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Updated 12/12/21 to reflect Takes’ own religious beliefs as agnosticism and purposes behind some of her lyrics. As I mentioned on Twitter, I’m nothing if not a person who wants to get the whole story behind an artist’s words (especially since, as an artist, I’ve had my lyrics misconstrued).

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