Ehiorobo Bends Genres Once Again with Mirror Tooolz

Ehiorobo has been on my watchlist since his first submittal to SOTB. His project Joltjacket released last Friday and, with that, we got “Mirror Tooolz,” a “goofy” (his words, not mine) but frenetic track about potentially freaking out about the way light and reflections work. This one isn’t for those folks expecting verse/chorus/verse rap, I’ll let you know that now. This one requires a bit of an open mind, as it opts for a mix between art rap, quirky electrorap and mosh rap (think Open Mike Eagle meets JPEGMAFIA). When all those elements collide, we get “Mirror Tooolz,” which is, for a lack of a better term, a chaotic mess of ideas that somehow work together to create the track. I liked this one, even though I had to turn down the volume a bit (the beat is a bit abrasively loud–which works for this type of track).

Check it out below if you’re feeling brave and support dope music in all its forms. As a final note, I love the rollout Ehiorobo has for this project. From figures to clothes to just the album, it’s all impressive. I’ve included the Bandcamp version of the song as it also contains the lyrics (just in case you had trouble catching any of them).

Speed on the Beat

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