Miesa Wonders About Love’s Ups and Downs on “Blind”

I received this one in my inbox not too long ago from Miami-based singer Miesa. Vocally, she kind of reminds me of a Queen Naija. That’s because both artists put their heart and hurt into their vocals and speak on the slippery slope that can sometimes come out of a relationship. Miesa here sings that she admits that the relationship may not be the best, but she doesn’t want to leave her partner. This is partly because the picture isn’t as cut and dry as others on the outside may make it seem. Instead, she knows the relationship isn’t the best, but chooses to stay because she knows the entire story. She’s seen the ups and the downs and, even if it’s not the best, she’s weighed her options. Right now, at this very moment, staying is the solution. She leaves the song somewhat open-ended to both interpretation and to a sequel song, as Miesa also doesn’t seem like the type that’ll stay too long in a faltering relationship.

We’ve all been there, in varying degrees. It’s never easy to walk away from something that you’ve invested time and energy into. That’s where she seems to be at right now on this beautiful song. Check it out above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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