orion XV Sings About Heartbreak on THISAINTABOUTUS

orion XV described this one as “sad Usher meets GnR” and I feel that. He croons so effortlessly about heartbreak and heartache on the constantly-building instrumental that hits a fever pitch with a scalding-hot guitar solo. Lyrically, it’s like a mix between Prince and The Weeknd. That is, a lot of straightforward lyrics blend with more conceptual ones to talk about the way(s) orion’s been hurt by this self-centered partner and the ways he’s trying to recover while the world continues to move, sometimes at a breakneck pace. I like how the track ends as well, because it’s sudden and abrupt. It’s just like the end of a relationship, even if you see it coming. Check out the song below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

Whatever you need to know about me, you can find out on speedonthebeat.com. Dad of two, cat dad (of two), mental health advocate, Team Support Dope Music in All Its Forms.

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