Gravey and Stxnx Conclude 2021 in a Transcending Flair with ‘Solstice’ EP

Baltimore Rapper Gravey marks the 2021 solstice with, simply put, good ass rap music. I have covered him on past records where he makes every single record and performance his; a true seasoned lyricist. One of my pleasures in closing out this year was reviewing his latest release, Solstice, released on 12/21/21, produced by Stxnx.

Official Cover Art

The first track, “SharksInABucket” re-validates my thoughts about Gravey’s extremely noticeable talent. Listening to Gravey fluently flow is like listening to Westgunn Gunn or Black Thought in their free range lyrical brilliance. As one the bar indicates, Gravey was indeed brought up with the Sharks, rightfully earning his rap and life stripes. 

The instrumental of the second track, “Exhale” was as gritty as Gravey is. The quotables were abundant as Gravey floated over the track with ease, especially the line: “I’ve done a lot but I could never take the cowards’ path.”

Gravey’s influences on good rap is clear as another adeptly delivered rap is accompanied by an instrumental on the ethereal feel of the Triumph instrumental from the Wu-Tang clan. The third track, “Sanctified”, is a triumph in its own right, with Stxnx shining through on the production once more to prove him and Gravey are a wavy rap duo made in dummy heaven.

The last track, which simultaneously serves as the title track, was a proper anchor to the EP, with Gravey effectively sharing his sentiments of ascension and personal growth that the reader can also feel like they are experiencing.

Gravey’s return during this solstice and ahead of the holidays is a good gift indeed. You can follow Gravey on his socials (IG and Twitter) on @Gravey443 on Twitter and @poppagravey on Instagram. You can also follow the star producer Stxnx @lordtstxnx on Instagram.


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