SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. 7, 12/27/2021

I’ve been busier than expected, so unfortunately we’re getting another Quickies post earlier than expected. However, my submissions are overflowing so no rest for the Dope Music Purveyor.

KUR – “Sheist”

KUR’s been on my radar for a minute. His latest track is within the realm of his previous SOTBMusic features. However, “Sheist” has some of the most heart I’ve heard from the Philly-born artist. He’s spitting rapid-fire bars while also talking about the negatives that he’s dealt with throughout the last few months and years.

I’m also a fan of the Auto-Tune he employs throughout the last half of the song (and y’all know how I usually feel about Auto-Tune bars). Auto-Tune rap hits when it has a lot of emotion behind it and KUR delivers a lot of emotion. The vocals are gritty and feature the artist riding out through his city while also acknowledging that he’s destined to make it, through the music or otherwise.

Jake Jurant & l’eupe x Alan T Charly – “Runs Dry” (Vocal Mix)

Originally an instrumental-only track, “Runs Dry” features some honest songwriting from Alan T Charly. Spurred on by his own relationship and how things went down while he patched other things up, the song features Charly all but begging his partner to stay with him through the dark and the light. Overall, it’s a track that should gain recognition in a bevy of playlists because of the mood it exudes.

Damien Sebe – “campfire”

This one gives me serious “let’s cuddle by the fire” vibes. That probably has something to do with the fact that Damien crafted this one with camping and the holiday season in mind. Though it’s currently summer in South Africa, “campfire” is one of those all-year-round sorts of tracks that lend themselves well to reflective bars, but also can stand on their own as just a beat (just like “Runs Dry” above).

Sally Han – “On the Phone”

A track that’s got some real 90s R&B energies throughout it, Sally Han’s “On the Phone” details the processes needed to grow–and how they sometimes require solitude. A younger artist, Han’s got a real control of her vocals and reminds me of a Brandy in the best way possible. Her voice is light and airy, but she can also “SANG” when she needs to. According to the notes I received on this one, Han dedicated this one to her mother because her mother’s been very supportive of her journey and her transformation into a songstress of this caliber. I love the key shift towards the end of the song, as it lets us hear even more of Han’s range. The Korean/New Zealander artist is definitely on my radar after this one.

Ev Malone – “Ain’t Nothin Wrong with Dreamin”

Ev Malone’s latest track is one that’s equally boombappy and inspirational. Wanting to show the next generation that there’s more out there than violence and guns, Ev’s laidback flow reminds me a bit of KRIT on this one. That’s probably also because of the subject matter (that there’s nothing wrong with dreaming and striving to achieve those dreams). I love the production on this one, as the sample also reminds me of something KRIT would’ve hopped on during his R4 days.

Danny Paul – “ZAZA”

Comparing his first date to a good strain, Danny Paul’s latest is a bit of a mix between contemporary R&B and neo-soul in its production and approach to a love song. Balancing between “you’re my [chick]” and “I wanna grow with you,” Paul’s vocals are solid and remind me a bit of a throwback track (think Jodeci minus the begging for love aspect).

Litt Forever – “Nothing 2 Prove”

The beat reminds me of some Spitta shit, so I was attentive from the jump. His flow also reminds me a bit of Curren$y, mainly because it’s laidback but still lyrical AF. The video was shot in Williamsburg (a section of Brooklyn) and it’s just as laidback as the track itself. My only gripe is that the track is more of an interlude, so it fades to black as soon as it’s really catching its stride. I hope there’s more to come from L4E, because this one’s really got my attention.

Lua Faye – “I Just Need Space”

The best way to describe this one would be Alessia Cara meets Jhene Aiko. Her vocals are beautiful, though they have a bit of a poppy element to them. The lyrics are on point and detail what it’s like to figure out that you’re in a toxic relationship–and the way(s) that’re possible to get the hell out of it. This also has a bit of “haunted stripper music” vibe to it (think early Weeknd) in its production, so it also grabbed my attention because of that.

Freeloadas x LeoNaro – “Sure Did Love Me”

This one grabbed my attention because of the subject matter, as the artists speak on losing some of their loved ones. As this is the holiday season, I’m more in tuned with tracks that deal with this subject because of my own losses and the losses of my loved ones. The second verse is beautiful as well, as it speaks more on how life can be a piece of crap sometimes–but we can grow and be better even while life goes to shit. I love the bluntness of this one, because it doesn’t sugarcoat the grieving process.

OHWOWGO Jordy – “Ambitious”

Over a smoker’s anthem-esque beat, Jordy employs a flow that reminds me of a mix between Baby Keem and Travis Scott. The visuals are as trippy and under the influence as the vocals. I like this one, but wish that it was a bit longer (it gives us a chorus, a verse, then the closing chorus). I do enjoy the singalong aspect of it though.

Happy holidays, everyone. We’re closing out this year epically. Check out these tracks and support dope music in all its forms.

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