SOTBMusic Quickies, Vol. 9 1/6/22

It’s Thursday, you know what that means. It’s a new year, so we’ve got some new Quickies for 2022. Let’s get into them and run with some new vibes.

Solar Tidowe – “I Know”

I like this one because it’s a great “we can’t do this anymore” sort of track that’s bolstered by Solar’s voice and the layering of vocals. I love the instrumentation on this one because it adds to the vibes and the energies, making this one a must-listen if you’re braving a breakup–and even if you’re not.

Remington Hill – “Iceberg”

The jazz-rock fusion on this one gives me some Silk Sonic vibes, but it also a bit of a bluesy feel to it. Remington’s vocals are very strong, especially when he employs his falsetto as the song closes out. It’s one of those songs that’s seemingly about a romance that may be getting too deep too fast and the repercussions of dealing with that. I love the imagery presented on this one and the instrumentation is beautiful and even a bit heartbreaking.

MiLES. – “Stuck in the Mud”

Like the previous two quickies, “Stuck in the Mud” deals a bit with moving on in life. However, instead of a romantic relationship, MiLES. is talking more about moving on beyond the past and pushing forward. Even as things from the past lose their impact, you’ve got to “walk to the sun” and keep it moving. The only thing guaranteed to us is that we’ll move on from everything in some way, shape or form in time. How you proceed after you’ve moved on is up to you, and that’s what I take away from “Stuck.”

Keith A. Getchell – “Send Your River Redux”

A somewhat autobiographical song, “River” finds Getchell penning a song about his growth and his initial searches for love and acceptance. While I haven’t gone through what he has, I can empathize with his path (since I’ve had a journey of self-acceptance and discovery a while back). I like this one especially because it’s very honest and comes from a place of love. Even if it took Getchell some time to find it, after traveling the world as a part of the armed forces, I’m glad that he did. Love wins, all the time. I also appreciate that this one has cooked for a long time, because he was a bit apprehensive of putting out its previous versions. You can’t rush love and you can’t rush greatness.

Michael Joon – “Half Past 5AM”

I like that this one gives some Weeknd-meets-Jason Derulo vibes in its production and phrasing. Specifically, it kind of reminds me a bit of early Derulo tracks from my college days. I also like that the song is equally about heartbreak and self-discovery (see the theme of this week’s Quickies?) while also just being a contemporary bop. I like Joon’s voice and his songwriting here, because you’re transported into the scene he’s painting with his words. Like talents such as Alan Z, he’s using his body of work to confront and disprove stereotypes about Asian-American artists and people in general. I’m here for this. I just wish the song was a teeny bit longer, but I’ll take it being only two-and-a-half minutes as long as it’s as good as this one was.

YBF K Sauce – “If I Told U”

I’m usually not the type who’ll post a lot of Auto-Tune rap music, unless it hits me in the feels or the brain. YBF K Sauce’s “If I Told U” hit me in the former, just like the other Quickies in this volume. I haven’t ever had someone break my trust in them, at least not romantically. However, I’ve had my fair share of heartbreak over the years. I like how Sauce uses his voice like an instrument to blend in with the guitar-heavy beat. You can definitely hear the pain in his voice.

Jordan Baumstark – “Luxury”

Not that often does a one-word title fit the overall theme of the song, however Baumstark’s “Luxury” has a mix between Griselda soulful grittiness on the beat and Mac Miller lyricism. Overall, it’s a helluva track, one that is as luxurious-sounding as the bars spat in the song. I do wish that we got more lyrically. But that’s only because we’re given like a minute-and-a-half of Baumstark barring up, then the outro of the track (the bars we get are solid, mind you, just that I wanted more of them). However, as was the case with Michael Joon’s song, sometimes less is more.

Emcee Graffiti – “Hit Play”

Emcee Graffiti is an artist after my own musical heart, since he’s also a guy who loves hip-hop, anime and video games. The boombap-heavy vibes of his latest track, “Hit Play,” reminds me of a bunch of video game start-up sound effect samples, so there’s one way I’m automatically in tune on this one. His laidback flow is another, as it highlights that nostalgic feel but also points out that the best is yet to come. I love this one because it’s for the anime nerds who lived on Angelfire in the 90s and 2000s, trading stories, tapes and images. This one appears on the EP Served Up, which drops officially tomorrow.

CHAD! – “Her Problem”

The best way to describe this one is a mix between Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd, in that it’s heartfelt and beautiful–but there’s a bit of a darkness to the song (mainly because it’s about a breakdown of a relationship). I’m a fan of CHAD!’s vocals, because they’re layered just right to add that darkness initially discussed. The production gives me “sad prom queen reminiscing about her ex” vibes, which again goes back to that darkness. Check it out.

See you all tomorrow with more SOTBMusic and other commentary. Do the thing with these songs and support dope music in all its forms.

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