KeeZY “Still Got It” on New Tracks

When I first loaded up KeeZY’s latest tracks, I didn’t know what to expect. This is mainly because these are the first interactions I’ve had with the artist.

When the beat hits on “Still Got It” and the bars stop dropping out the sky, you’re given a bombastic track about the grind and the hustle needed to succeed in hip-hop. However, you’re given that in a way that’s both catchy and bar-heavy. It’s got a Wale-meets-Drake sort of vibe to it, in that it’s lyrical and has depth, but it’s also airy and light. In other words, it’s one of those tracks that deserves its flowers because KeeZY raps his ass off while also creating a poppy, radio-ready vibe. That’s pretty damn impressive from where I’m standing, because some of the artists I’ve featured do one or the other (not really blending the two to create a whole new sound entirely).

His other new track, “I Miss You,” starts off like Drake’s “Headlines” and then goes into the artist Auto-Tune singing about a long-distance relationship and the desires he’s got going to see his special someone. I like the vocals on here, because they’ve got a Drake-meets-Bryson Tiller vibe to them. The song has a “strip club-ready” vibe to it as well, in that it’s a love song that’s also pretty bass-heavy; it’s also sexual and sexy without being crass.

Overall, both of these songs are bops that still manage to do more than just have you nod your head in agreement. I’m a big fan of both of them, so I’m going do say what I always say: support dope music in all its forms and check them out now. It’s the weekend, even if it’s a little cold. Let’s turn up (responsibly) and enjoy life.

Speed on the Beat

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