Erika Tham Employs Drill and R&B on the Sultry “Shhh”

The follow up to Tham’s “Admit It” finds the singer singing over a drill-esque beat that also employs, per Tham’s management, takes traditional Asian sounds and frames them in a modern R&B structure. The end result is unlike a good chunk of the R&B I’ve heard in recent times; in fact, it kind of reminds me of a peak Timbaland beat. Add in Tham’s shit-talking, queendom-friendly lyrics and cool vocals and you’ve got one helluva track. Check it out below and do the thing: support dope music in all its forms.

Update: 1/25/22: The visuals are now live. The visuals combine humor and sensuality to bring the song to life. The focus of the video is Tham’s beauty being stunning enough to shut up an entire restaurant and her literal asking of men to just STFU bringing them to their knees (figuratively). See, it’s sometimes easier/better for us men if we just shut up and let the woman take control.

Speed on the Beat

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