SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. 15, 1/21/22

It’s Friday and we’re at the end of the week. You know what that means. SOTBMusic is back with Quickies–on the original Quickies day, no less. Rejoice, for you shall get some new music in your earholes and my thoughts as to why you should give a damn. Let’s get this show on the road and make it…quick (sorry, had to).

Riley Writtens – “A Melanin Situation”

Featuring Segnon and Lafayette Stokely, “A Melanin Situation” is pro-Black AF without being “blackity black” about its positive vibes. It’s conscious, but doesn’t beat you over the head with thoughts nor does it come off as elitist. Instead, we’re just given a song that’s paying respect and love to the Black women of the world. I love the lo-fi boombap beat as it reminds me of something you’d hear Nas rap over on similar topics. I’m always here for positive energies–especially if they’re about uplifting Black people as a whole.

JuJu Rogers and Mick Jenkins – “Minneapolis”

A track about the protests surrounding George Floyd’s murder and other instances of social injustice, “Minneapolis” is a poignant look into those who stand on the front lines protesting racism and brutality. The production, handled by German producer DAO, kind of reminds me of something you’d hear Blu on. I think it helps that JuJu and Mick are conscious AF on this one, with JuJu also harmonizing at points to get his thoughts fully exposed and out there.

Big KRIT – “So Cool”

Like yesterday’s Quickie with Tierra Whack, Krizzle’s latest is kind of a cheat code for Quickies. Sonically, he’s doing a funky soul sort of thing (think Curtis Mayfield down to the production mixed with a bit of Ceelo Green). It’s mood music, superhero vibes for the cool kids. I’d assume that this is the intro to his DRDD album (or at least an interlude). If we’re to take this and his recent IG posts as any indication, DRDD is going to be pimptastically epic, down to the crushed linens and old-school cars with the souped up sound systems. I do wish that the track was a bit longer, though. But it’s new KRIT.

Blkshmn – “WAY TOO REAL”

This one starts off with a quote about BLM and then jumps into biblical and mythological references while discussing what it means to be a Black man in 2022. I like the bouncy production and how it contrasts with Blkshmn’s gruff voice and conscious lyrics. He admits that he’s not all-knowing, but he wants to learn and grow more. Flow-wise, his voice lends well to his somewhat punchy flow. Overall, the track is challenging the status quo when it comes to Blackness and existing in 2022.

Public Domain – “#Themetamorphosis” (feat. J Hoard)

Public Domain has been on my radar since the the Ray Angry collective’s first release. “Metamorphosis” keeps that same energy that we got from “#Alcoholicblues” and “Toyland.” It twists a public domain idea–this time, I believe they’re tackling Kafka–and adds additional consciousness. I really like the bridge around 2:50, as it feels a bit like gospel with the layered choir’s vocals contemplating our place in the world and what happens when we transcend beyond our current understanding.

Rapaport – “Ugly Mug”

I relate to this one because it reminds me of some of the people I don’t see that often (due to there being a pandemic). I like the laidback flows as well as the lyricism Rapaport employs here. I also like the reminiscent vibes we get here, because sometimes you just want to hang with the boys.

Kasimp and Felix Hien – “Autumn”

A soundscape of sorts, “Autumn” reminds me of a late-era Tyler song or a Channel Orange-era Frank Ocean track. It’s funky and full of abstract ideas and energies. It’s one of those songs that’s hard to put into words, mainly because there are a lot of ideas being presented at once. Some of which, you’d think they wouldn’t make such a compelling song. However, the duo manages to shatter expectations and make something that’ll make you want to run it back a few times and absorb it into your mind.

Mazyn – “Already Made It”

This is a track that takes me back to the days where Drake was rap-rapping over Boi-1da and boombap beats. “Already Made It” attempts to get you to notice the Ottawa native as being multifaceted and multitalented. He mentions one thing that stands out to me that places him above other Drake-esque rappers: he can record in multiple languages and still put out bops. He’s recorded in French and Arabic to acclaim and multiple heads nodding to the beat. His flow is hungry, like those early Drake songs where he still had something to prove. I like this one because it’s just good music, plain and simple.

STEP1 – “Jam” (feat. Zack Cross)

NoVa quartet STEP1 hit my line with their latest. It’s a funky vibe that evokes OutKast and Mac Miller with a bit of Pharcyde for good measure. Lyrically, the track’s bouncy but also sonically sound. In other words, there are bars aplenty over the pop-meets-Kanye-esque beat. This one is their first single off their upcoming Right Back album, which is due out in the spring. If it’s anything like this, you know I’ll have at least one more post about this quartet in the future.

Foxfrd – “Sun Beaming”

This is the second part of the LA-based multimedia artist’s saga. “Sun Beaming” channels Frank Ocean with an extended metaphor about plants to discuss how the focus of his attention helps him grow and become better. I like the vibe and the visuals are pretty great too and add an additional layer to the song.

DopeManDaye – “Beast Mode”

I like this one because it gives me Nipsey vibes, down to the soulful production and the various reference to the Marathon runner. I also like that Daye sings the hook and it reminds me a bit of older hip-hop (like the conscious rap I grew up, the ones that’d mix harmony with lyricism).

Dantes – “VIEB!”

Imagine serpentwithfeet’s abstract songwriting and beautiful vocals with a twist of Anderson.Paak over 1970s instrumentation. I think that’s what I feel when I hear Dantes’s “VIEB!” The Miami-born multi-instrumentalist oozes confidence and a maturity with his vocals that you don’t get as often anymore.

Young Yogi – “Times”

This one caught me a bit off-guard. It starts off with a haunting boombap-esque sample which bleeds effortlessly into a pseudo-AutoTuned hook. From there, we get a doubletime chopper-like flow from Yogi that discusses how he’s pushing on, even if things seem against him. I mean, he’s doing it for all the times he and his team were hungry. I wouldn’t be able to rest until death if I was him, either. I love the production on this one. It’s kind of a mix between something you’d hear 21 Savage on but also something you’d hear Cole on. Imagine if that duo did an album of “A LOT”-like songs and you have the vibes I hear on “Times.”

This edition went on a bit longer than expected. Check out all the great music that dropped today (some of which is posted here) and do the thing. Support dope music in all its forms.

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