SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. 16, 1/24/22

It’s Monday, you know what that means. After watching the Bucs lose on a last-second field goal and the Bills losing to the Chiefs in overtime, I have no real reason to watch football anymore this season. Bring on the NBA playoffs–and a resolution to the lockout for MLB. Oh, wait. This isn’t a sports site (at least not exclusively). Let’s get into today’s Quickies.

The Billion – “The Cherry Popper”

Sex is something we don’t shy away from on SOTB. Hell, some of my favorite songs over the years have been sexual in some way, shape or form. Danish artist The Billion tackles sex and love while walking that fine line between delicacy and bluntness on “The Cherry Popper,” a love song dedicated to the person who they first had sex with. You never forget your first time–even if it’s awkward AF. Whomever this person was, they had a profound effect on Billion’s growth as a human and an artist. Plus, the song’s funky as hell.

Just Super – “Not Me!”

Super said that “Not Me!” is, and I quote, “the soundtrack to [his] own little movie of immunity and imperviousness of which [he’s] the main character.” In other words, Just Super grew from a lot of darkness and self-indulgent behavior. However, he’s celebrating the maturation he’s gained over the years and the gratitude he’s learned. It’s like if Mac Miller dropped a funky-but-cynical song about not understanding his privilege until he grew up and ran it through the Tom Misch filter.

Terry Jay – “Danny Phantom”

This one would usually pass right past me. It’s a song about being on your shit and not dealing with the foolishness (think Drake). However, it’s the way that Terry Jay approached this song that grabbed me. It’s a short one that doesn’t overstay its welcome. In fact, I would’ve loved to hear another verse from the Louisville rapper. I think it also helps that he didn’t throw a bunch of random Danny Phantom references in there aside from the title.

P-Moneyy – “Karate”

This one is good AF. I think that’s the best way I can describe it. It spends enough time talking about darkness as it does celebrating the wins he’s seen (specifically regaining his health and getting to see his son grow up). The beat’s got a throwback sort of feel to it and the rapid-fire delivery is one that’ll have you stuck repeating this one. Well, at least that’s what happened to me.

Lil Migo & Quavo – “Migo Shit”

The Migos trio has carved out a lane that’s been as fruitful as it’s been long. The Quavo-assisted “Migo Shit” by Lil Migo keeps that lane open with Quavo on the hook and Lil Migo handling the verses. The video and song are quick and breezy. However, there still manages to be enough originality here to differentiate it from a standard Migos feature; Quavo’s hook is dope and the flows are stellar all things considered.

HRTBRKBLAKE – “what are we?”

Considering that Valentine’s Day is coming up, you’ll probably be hearing this question on social media more than you may want to. I pray it’s not one that’s sprung on you (and I know it won’t be sprung on me). That said, the song goes pretty hard. It’s kind of like a mix between Lil Tjay and Drake, since there’s some heartbreak moments but there’s also that toxic tendencies sung well to make you bob your head element.

DNY$3 – “Til I’m Gone”

Y’all know I’m a sucker for soulful hip-hop instrumentals and “I used to struggle” raps. DNY$3’s latest has both of those in spades. He discusses his losses and his wins, putting them both into the perspective of a man who’s seen both sides, heaven and hell. I wish there was another verse, though, since it was a solid teaser sort of track. However, I’m glad he ended where he did because, for me, it made me want to hear more from the artist.

dani3l and Millyz – “Longevity”

This one’s got a Roddy Ricch sort of feel to it. The duo of dani3l and Millyz provide emotional Auto-Tuned vocals about growing up and growing old in a world where neither one is truly promised. Millyz’ verse hits hard, as his bars are as multisyllabic as they are emotionally-charged. I like this one because it’s one of those songs that’s radio-ready but also underground enough that it grabs my attention from the jump.

Dom Champ – “Champion Freestyle”

Over a drill-meets-boombap beat, UK artist Dom Champ discusses his past and how it shaped him to become the artist and man he is today. He’s seen some darkness, but he’s saying that he’ls more than that. I like the visuals, as they’re simple but still thought-provoking. The visuals find Champ walking down a street rapping the song. You’re forced to focus on his lyricism over gimmicks and his lyricism is top-notch in my opion.

Sorg & Napoleon Maddox – “Louverture”

Raps centering around historical figures are usually one of those sorts of things that’ll get a listen from me. While I’m not the biggest Hamilton fan, I appreciate the overall vibe. French duo Sorg & Napoleon Maddox provide a jazzy look into the life of Haitian revolutionary Toussaint Louverture and, for me, it surpasses many songs in the same category. That’s partly because of the jazz-rap production, but also because it’s a different revolutionary than whom we usually hear songs about. It’s a beautiful song, one that’s lyrically impressive as much as it is sonically pleasing. The visuals are also top-notch as they were filmed partly in Louverture’s cell at Ch√Ęteau de Joux. For me, that’s like the equivalent of someone filming a thought-provoking video at the Lorraine Hotel.

Izzy St. Shaw – “Ego Time”

An incredible mix between Brent Faiyaz and Frank Ocean, “Ego Time” is one of those song that combines a sort of freedom to be oneself with the pain that comes with being a Black person in the 2020s. This one also has a bit of a Wyclef Jean-meets-Bob Marley feel to it, which could come from the acoustic elements given and the sort of Marley-esque vocalization interspersed within the song. It’s an awesome song that delves into life, death, the need for heroes–and our sometimes apprehension in being them. If you want some neo-soul that has, well, soul to it, this one’s for you.

The ARP & Ceejay – “We Vibin'”

A song that sounds a bit like Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff’s classic, “We Vibin'” is an Australian summer track, which is great for me. I mean, in Maryland, it’s about 35 degrees and we may get some snow this week (again). I’d trade that for the summer months any day of the week. That’s especially if those months give us smooth boombap about barbecues and positivity. This one should be available on DSPs by the time this goes live–or in the coming hours, since it’s being released from Australia. It’s currently available over on Soundcloud, though, if the synopsis above makes you want to hear what I’ve heard.

Check out these great tracks above and I’ll talk to you all later. Do the thing: support dope music in all its forms.

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