Ras Kass and Eric Jaye Keep It Real on “MLK Day”

Ras Kass is a legend, that much goes without saying. He’s been at this rapping thing for years and he consistently makes great music. You’d think that as long as he’s been doing it, the brother would rest on his laurels and not make as much good, thought-provoking music. However, as I’ve started to learn from personal experience, you’re only as old musically as you feel. Kass still has his wits about him and will use that to continue his plight.

His most-recent drop, “MLK Day” featuring singer Eric Jaye, is one that’ll have you bobbing your head, for sure. However, it’ll also gear you up to protest for equity and equality at the same time. The sweeping instrumental sets up some poignant lyricism, which is great because Kass has bars for days on this one.

Speaking on racism and controversies ranging from Doja Cat being in those racist fetish chatrooms to domestic terrorism (read: “religious folks” who use religion to justify things like January 6th) to generally pondering why most “MLK Avenues” are in low-income, high-crime environments, Kass runs the gauntlet in terms of subjects. It’s one of those tracks that’ll make you say “hmm” to at least one or two of the lines, prompting you to want to make change. From discussing how some Black people are more eager to kill their own versus being revolutionary against the system to evoking images of mental and physical slavery, we get a lot to digest on this one–and it’s worth every second. I also love Kass’s choice to utilize a James Earl Ray mugshot for the cover art. It’s controversial, but it relates well to the subject matter of the song.

Check out “MLK Day” and be on the lookout for Kass’s Black Steel album, which is slated to drop later this year. Support dope music in all its forms and keep fighting the good fight.

Speed on the Beat

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