De La Bux Presents “Reality Strike”

Over instrumentation that gives me SiR-meets-Lucky Daye-meets-D’Angelo vibes, R&B singer De La Bux addresses everyone goes through in a new relationship. That is, he discusses that moment where you know you need to work on yourself and figure out what you want–but you’re scared you can lose the person you’re with because of it. I’ve been there. You know you need to get your insecurities in check, but you’re still worried about what your SO may say/how they may react. This “reality strike” is one that tests many relationships, which is something De La Bux understands fully.

He hopes his woman can love him regardless his flaws, even though he knows that she may not (and he’s okay with that). The way he delivers this one sonically is also reminiscent of a Lucky Daye, because the brother’s got vocals for days, but there’s a bit of optimism within the somewhat melancholy presented throughout the song. I like it because it’s a real love song, not just hung up on fantasy (be that idealistic fantasy or sexual fantasy).

If you want some R&B that’s a bit more grounded, I suggest that you check this one out and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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