ARYA Discusses The Weight of Drip–And Its Real Value–on “Tibet”

ArRYA kind of came out of nowhere, in that I don’t know too much about him besides he’s an artist who values substance over style. On “Tibet,” the rhymesayer discusses what’s the real value of the drip? His story is an interesting one, as he spent time in jail and has a lot of student loan debt–something I can empathize with (the loans, not the jail time).

His worldly flow pretty much lets us know that he doesn’t really give a flying eff about the gold and the ice. Sure, it looks nice but there’s no real meaning/substance behind owning a lot of it. He simply can’t justify dropping a lot of cash on jewelry, given his real-life situations. He doesn’t admonish or damn those who like to buy a bunch of jewelry. However, he admits that that lifestyle isn’t for him, even delving a bit into the mental aspect of wanting to keep up with the flashiest of the flash.

The song’s video backs this up as he shows himself in a college setting, something like a mix between IDK and Asher Roth. Overall, this song is a great track if you’re looking to say “I don’t need the drip to be a man of substance.” Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms. If you like this one, his upcoming EP seems to be more of the same–so check it out as well when it drops.

Speed on the Beat

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