Neil Tune Shows Emotion on “A Man Is Not Supposed to Cry”

Men are sometimes told (either by society or by our own people) “don’t show emotion.” However, in doing that, we sometimes end up setting ourselves up to have emotional outbursts at the end of the day. As a man who’s been on both sides of that spectrum, I know all too well the cost of bottling up your feelings until you can’t deal with them anymore. Neil Tune’s “A Man Is Not Supposed to Cry” says “screw that. If it hurts, I’m going to let my feelings be known.” I, for one, applaud him for that.

A song that’s stuck somewhere between mental health awareness and a breakup anthem, “Cry” is a very honest, very vulnerable song that reminds me a bit of a Frank Ocean song. The multifaceted artist lets viewers into his world, post-breakup, as he’s letting his emotions run down his face like water from the shower. On the other side, we see his possibly ex dealing with similar feelings. The video ends without a resolution, but I feel that’s actually for the best. Sometimes, things don’t end up finishing all neatly like they do on TV. By having Tune showcase his vulnerability about the breakup and the emotions he’s feeling, he’s opening up the door for others to continue to do the same.

Everyone processes emotions differently. That said, it’s okay to actually show them if it hurts or, on the flip side, if things are going well. Check out the emotional video below and support dope music in all its forms.

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One thought on “Neil Tune Shows Emotion on “A Man Is Not Supposed to Cry”

  1. Very well said, same trail of thoughts running through my mind when I wrote that song. I really appreciate you expanding on the idea and explaining, almost exactly like I would.


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