SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. 18, 1/28/22

It’s Friday, you know what that means. I’ve been able to amass a heaping helping of music and Quickies are in order. I’m going to try to take the Quickies back to a Monday/Friday thing, but there’s been so much good music coming out recently. That said, if you’re in Maryland, you may want to bundle up, play these tracks at the highest volume possible and enjoy them during this random snowstorm the DMV’s supposed to get. If you’re outside of the DMV, still enjoy the music and be safe this weekend. We’ve got quite a few records to get through today.

Young Misery K – “F*** Fear”

Our first Quickie comes from an artist by the name of Young Misery K. She’s got that wise lyrical sort of flow about her. That said, the young woman has bars for days on this track, which finds her giving the finger to her fears and things holding her back. Tackling topics from mental health to the ‘VID, the song is for the dreamers and the wishers in life, those who want more out of life than to be afraid. The LA native’s choice of beats is interesting on this one, too; that’s because the beat itself reminds me a bit of something we’d hear mid-2010s Drake rap over. And seeing that early-to-mid-2010s Drake was my favorite era of Drake, that’s high praise from this side.

Chris McCabe – “Another Sunrise”

Life is a miracle. Chris McCabe probably understands this more than your average person. That’s especially considering the backstory behind his latest song, “Another Sunrise,” finds him finding the strength to keep on after traumatic experiences experienced by him and his wife. It’s a very inspirational song, one that finds the singer/rapper expressing thankfulness to God for blessing him with the moments he’s been able to share–and the moments to come.

Hasani Bleu – “I Cannot Relate”

A bouncy track about conquering self-doubt? Check. An infectious track that sounds like a mix between Migos and The Weeknd? Check. A braggy track that also doubles as an advocation on mental health awareness and self-care? Yeah, this one’s got that too. If you need your “screw self-doubt” songs with a bit of mainstream bounce, this one’s for you.

Karras – “Through a Bottle Darkly”

As you know, I have had my troubles with alcohol. While I drink in moderation now, there was a time period (read: college) where I was very into drinking and effin’ ish up. It’s human nature to test and sometimes surpass limits, but these days? As I said on No Pain No Gain, “tequila is my drink of choice and it just makes me [aroused].” Karras’ “Through a Bottle Darkly” deals with addiction in a way that’s also human. It doesn’t say “my vices are insurmountable,” but it also doesn’t say “I’m without fault here.” I like that this one’s mix is more of an old-school boombap track (there’s another version that, admittedly, I wasn’t as big a fan of).

Shoshan Dunamis – “Shout It Out”

Today’s Quickies are all over the place in terms of vibes and sounds. That’s a good thing, as it keeps things interesting. However, there is an overarching theme of self-care and self-love. German singer Shoshan Dunamis’ latest is a catchy track about getting rid of some of the stressors. I like the driving beat, as it makes me want to just dance my pain away. This is the first of 17(!) songs Dunamis is slated to drop this year. I’m curious to see where 2022 takes her.

Coldway – “Sandcastles”

Sonically, this one reminds me of something you’d hear from a mix between Frank Ocean and Giveon. Lyrically, the song’s about the pain and sadness of love–and building oneself up after the loss of love. Production-wise, it’s darkly upbeat, if that makes sense. There’s an underlying sense of optimism through the pain and anguish. I also like the metaphor of sandcastles in line with the tide being representative of how love can come and go and come back again.

Slake Dransky – “Highway 99”

This one reminds me of a mix between BROCKHAMPTON and Mac Miller, as the song delves a bit into the mind of a person who’s dealing with COVID and the psychological effects it can have on people. Specifically, Slake’s isolated from his friends and family, while still being surrounded by photos of his family (as he had to isolate at his grandmother’s house). I’m in love with the storytelling and the flow on this one, even as it’s meant to sound like he’s still recovering from the effects of the ‘VID.

NxFxce – “Sad Lil Boi”

This one’s like a mix between Kanye on 808s with The Weeknd. The song is dark and, well, sad. However, as with many of the Quickies today, there’s an undercurrent of “I’m going to make it out these dark situations.” Sure, he’s reminiscing on the sad childhood he had, but he’s seemingly better for it these days–considering he’s making sonically-pleasing music that walks that line between crying about the past and using it as ammunition for the future.

Taylor Tom and Bubba Sparxxx – “Mind Over Matter”

Taylor Tom Conley has been in prison for most of the last 16 years for murder. Truthfully, most of us wouldn’t be able to handle that. Heck, some of us wouldn’t show remorse for the actions that landed us in the predicament. I don’t condone his actions, because I do believe murder is wrong. However, after hearing this song and reading more about his situation, I do give him his props. That is, I applaud his ability to turn a horrific event into awareness about the prison system, drug abuse, the idea of redemption and some of the laws on record. His song with Bubba Sparxxx deals with trying to keep going even while things seem dark. Conley knows the gravity of what’s happened to him and those surrounding the murder. That said, “Mind Over Matter” is one of those songs that speaks about darkness and how even the darkest situations can shed some light on things.

EVÎN – “Snow”

A song that sounds like it’d be right at home in FKA Twigs’ discography, “Snow” is one of those songs that’s booming but also soft. It has a sense of vulnerability within it while discussing not forgetting the pain that’s forged one’s self. The production is another strong point on this track, as it lends itself well to EVÎN’s harmonizing and vocals. The video is one that’s pretty dark as well, but still thought-provoking.

KOF – “Grace”

This one’s a jazz-rap fan’s heaven, as it’s lyrically impressive while still having that laidback boombap feel to it. Lyrically, the song deals with KOF’s loves and passions, as well as some of the pitfalls he’s dealt with over the years. The UK-born artist rhymes his butt off and shows us where he’s at mentally.

Cliff Savage – “Wait A Minute”

Cliff’s been on my radar for a few months now. Each song he puts out, he evolves his sound and his lyrical abilities–as well as his videos. “Wait A Minute” reminds me of something you’d hear IDK or Isiah Rashad put out. It’s bouncy and lyrically sound, but there’s that underflow of braggy confident lyrics that make you take notice. I like the video more than the song, though I love the song. The video’s like every 90s kid’s dream come true, with beautiful people, video games and 90s rap-esque sounds.

Emes – “Be Yourself”

Our last Quickie for today deals with, as most of the Quickies for today, self-betterment and realizing that, sometimes, just being you is the best course of action. I like his blend of conscious hip-hop and alternative R&B. The Seattle-by-way-of-Hawaii artist’s sound is like a mix between Chance the Rapper and Bruno Mars. If that’s a mix you’re intrigued by, check it out.

I’ll be back at some point this weekend, but until then? Support dope music in all its forms.

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