Roqy Tyraid Channels His Inner ODB and Anime Nerd on the Eviscerating “Big O”

Normally, I’d press skip on a six-minute track, as I think the perfect length for a song is typically 2-to-three-and-a-half minutes. I’m an oldhead like that. However, Roqy Tyraid is one of the few rappers I’ve found that can actually keep my attention for six minutes. And he does so on “Big O,” a track that pays homage to ODB and the anime series The Big O.

That’s partly because each segment of the lyrically-impressive “Big O” takes its own shape and form. It’s also partly because his flow and lyricism are top-notch throughout the track. A subgenre-blending journey through boombap and alternative rap, Tyraid goes in over the NAMELESS production. He speaks on racism, the way hip-hop’s gone over the years (therefore, he talks about hip-hop’s current state as well) and a lot of other topics, but does so in a manner that’s engaging from wire-to-wire. To me, I didn’t even realize that the song was six-minutes-long until I actually looked at its length. It’s breezy in the sense that, while lyrically dense in its approach, it goes by without having to check your watch to see if it’s close to being over. At least to me, that’s what happened. I’m a huge fan of NAMELESS’ production on this one, as it’s boombappy enough to catch your ear, but trunk-rattlingly bombastic enough to keep you entertained if you’re not a big fan of boombap beats.

Check out “Big O” below and do the thing: support dope music in all its forms.

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