Homeboy Sandman Speaks on “The Only Constant” in New Video

Over a sample-heavy beat from Illingsworth, Homeboy Sandman’s latest is a smooth follow-up to “Keep That Same Energy.” In some ways, I wouldn’t have expected this one to be the follow-up to that track, but I’m glad it was. That’s because Sandman’s spitting some really introspective rhymes about his life, the older hip-hop he grew up on and the only constant in life. That constant seems to be change as his lyrics illustrate nothing stays the same forever. In fact, the track states the only thing you can rely on is that someone or something will change or switch up somewhere along the way. This one, like “KTSE,” will appear on Sandman’s There In Spirit EP, due out later this month.

I also love the visuals, as they feature Queens as it is in 2022 but also illustrates how Queens was when Homeboy Sandman grew up. It’s a very thought-provoking song–and the visuals are similarly thought-provoking. Do the thing, folks. Support dope music in all its forms and check out the visuals below.

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