On “Weekend,” Marshall Harner Produces an Anti-Energy Vampire Anthem

I first came into contact with Marshall Herner from his manager. The Gaithersburg native caught my attention with his long-titled album When the Night Was Just the Time When We Could Fall Asleep. I mean, anyone with a title that long just begs for you to check them out. And check him out, I did. What I found on the project is that it’s equal parts sing-rap about dark times and past events and reflective music that sets Harner up for a bright(er) present and future. One of those songs, “Weekend,” is the focus of this piece.

From the first notes until the end, listeners are taken on a journey through a toxic relationship and how Harner wishes to break free of it. He doesn’t want to be the person his ex calls when drunk on a Sunday. He doesn’t want to hear about their weekend plans or who they’re linking up with. In fact, he doesn’t want anything to do with the person. I’ve been in that situation, dealing with a toxic relationship that seemed great from the jump but ended up taking more than I gained.

Energy vampires come in all shapes and forms. In relationships, they can be as toxic as a Future verse or as indifferent as a partner who doesn’t care about your own needs, only their own. Either way, the track stands up against those types and says “screw you, I’m leaving and I’m not coming back.” Now, the rest of the album is solid as well. However, I felt “Weekend” in the very pit of my soul. It hits different for me, all things considered. Because of that, you have me writing about it..

Check out the track below and remember to support dope music in all its forms–and say no to vampires.

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