888moment and SG SLAV Present the Double-Vibed “Finland”

888moment’s been on my radar since his “End Game” track hit SOTB last month. On his follow-up, “Finland,” the Baltimore-based artist leads listeners into an A$AP Mob-esque beat then switches it up towards the middle, opting to spit rapid-fire bars over a more house-friendly production (both beats are crafted by Finnish producer Gusto Mane). The brother has bars, which is partly why I’m writing about him. However, it’s not the only reason. In fact, the fact that he’s got bars is only part of the story. It’s what he does with them and also how he masterfully switches vibes on this song that grabbed my attention.

The first half of the song is a bit menacing and abrasive, with 888 delivering his lyrics in a slower, methodical sort of way. It serves itself well, considering the subject matter of the first half of the song. When the beat and energies switch about halfway through, there’s a bit more vulnerability to his lyrics and his flow, while faster, also has more emotion behind it. It kind of reminds me of something you’d hear JPEGMAFIA come through with, if only for the mashing of several styles of rap into one surprisingly cohesive unit. Even the cover art tells an additional layer to his story.

If you’re in the mood for somewhat abstract hip-hop with lyrical potency, check this one out–now–and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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