Jamar Carr and TwonDon Apply “Pressure” on New Collaboration

Above, we’ve got the lyric video to Jamar Carr and TwonDon’s latest track, “Pressure.” In a word, the song is captivating. In a few words, the song is one listeners should have in their respective playlists. This is the second time Carr’s got my attention (here’s the first); if he keeps this up, it won’t be the last.

Over a guitar-led, bass-heavy production, the duo inform listeners that they’re not going anywhere. Instead, they’re going to apply pressure to anyone and everyone who stands in the way of them and their goals. It’s a simple track, but what makes this one a must-listen for me if the nimble wordplay both artists display here. The flows are great, methodically chopping through the beat. On top of that, the lyrics themselves are also catchy while still being nice. All in all, it’s a good song, one that has me awaiting what comes next from Carr–and Twon.

If you want your lyrical hip-hop with a bit of a bounce, you should check this one out. It’s catchy enough that you could play it riding through the city. However, it’s lyrically dense enough you could play it while working through problems of your own. Check it out above, support dope music in all its forms and remember to apply pressure to those who want to keep you down.

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