On the Powerful “Quicksand,” Miss Storm and Madam X Speak on Racially-Motivated Violence and The Stagnation of Race Relations

The easiest way to describe “Quicksand” is that it’s the rallying cry of a nation of Black people tired of being discriminated against and murdered because of their skintone(s), the effects of that on our mental and the repercussions of such negativity. And even that brief synopsis sells the song absolutely short, because it’s a powerful track about dealing with racially-charged violence, standing up against oppressive mindsets and just being proud of one’s Blackness. It’s a beautiful song, one that channels a bit of spiritual music in its approach while also keeping this raw and real. I love this one because it’s unashamed of its stance and wishes/hopes that more people adopt it, that we’re tired of being treated as less than because of our skin color. It doesn’t play the victim or the executioner, instead opting to just lay the truths out there for you to go through and make your own decision.

Aided by Madam X, Miss Storm’s “Quicksand” is definitely a song that was needed this month. This song is slated to appear on Storm’s upcoming Black Dreams album, a concept album about the African American experience. If the songs are as thought-provoking as “Quicksand,” you can count this writer/rapper in as someone who’ll give it a listen the first day. Check out the powerful visuals and vocals and support dope music in all its forms.

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