Nalan Sings About the Recently Departed on “Only Birds Can Tell”

Above, we’ve got the latest song/visuals from singer Nalan, “Only Birds Can Tell.” I love the story being told by the song and its visuals, as they’re focused on loss and dealing with the loss of someone close. I’ve been in a funky headspace the last few weeks, mainly thinking about my own loss of my mother some years back (mainly because she’d always call me around Super Bowl Sunday and ask me if I was watching, regardless of who was playing).

This one is a beautiful song, one that pays homage to those who’re no longer here in the physical. The visuals are equally beautiful, as they focus on various groups and generations working through their emotions after experiencing loss. The video runs the emotional gamut, from sadness to acceptance to happiness and everything in between. So if you’ve got someone on your mind who departed this plane, I think this is a good place to head. That’s because “Birds” can help you remember that those people are still there and all we have to do to reach them is look inside ourselves. It also asks us to, in some ways, get in tune (and stay in tune) with nature, as we’re all a part of this world.

Check out the song and visuals above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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