SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. 22, 2/11/22

It’s Friday, you know what that means. Since tomorrow is JoJo’s 11th birthday, I’ll probably be a bit out of pocket; kids always come first. That said, this Quickies volume may be a bit jampacked full of awesomeness. Let’s get into it and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Daschenka Project – “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”

I’ve always got a soft spot for the original song that this cover turns into something else entirely while still maintaining the original’s spirit. It could be because The Breakfast Club or maybe that one Family Guy episode. Either way, “Don’t You” is like the perfect encapsulation of 80s pop-rock. Daschenka Project’s cover is beautiful, funky and jazzy. As mentioned, it takes on a life of its own, specifically because of the funk elements employed throughout the song. I love the live band presentation of the video as well. It’s simple, but very effective. This one is the first release of the group’s Eighties Session project, which seems to have frequent drops coming throughout the year.

CJ Washington – “Waitin on Love”

I like this one because it’s got a bit of an Afrobeat-meets-Chris Brown sort of vibe to it, plus Washington isn’t going to wait to find love. Instead, he’s going to find love (and a bit of lust) on his own. Washington’s vocals are crisp and clear as well. I wish this one was a bit longer, because I’m here for the vibes and the production. However, the short song appears on CJ’s Love Sons & Low Pass Filters EP, which I covered briefly last year. With that in mind, it’s the perfect way to close out that project.

LOM – “Talk About”

League of Monsters’ latest song has a lot of bars, but also delves pretty deep into mental health. Specifically, it discusses the fact that many men–especially Black men–aren’t given the luxury to discuss their mental health. As something of a mental health advocate, this one grabbed me because of it. “Talk About” is one of those tracks that talks candidly about the problem at hand and offers a hand/ear to vent one’s own problems to.

Namywa – “Sold”

I loved this one, as it reminds me a bit of Adele’s “Someone Like You,” but manages to become its own thing at the same time. It’s emotional and emotionally-charged, but also tender. The emotions within this one are pure and honest. She wants to keep her love and lover safe from the world while also realizing that the romance may be fading a bit. Namywa’s voice is beautiful and the way she delivers this one is raw and, again, honest. I think this song may be the start/continuation of a long-running career for the UK singer. Produced by Hannes Andersson, “Sold” is what I look for when I look for great R&B/soul music.

Aggy – “I Wanna Real Love”

Seventeen-year-old singer/songwriter Aggy is another SOTBMusic rookie, but his song “I Wanna Real Love” feels and sounds like he’s been here before. It reminds me a bit of a Khalid song sonically. His vocals are powerful as well as possessing a bit of a humbleness to them. I love the backstory to this one because it was a DIY project, as Aggy recorded it in his room and re-recorded it. The song’s full of passion and love. As someone who loves love and loves seeing people in love, this one is one that I’m here for. The stripped-down production lends itself well to Aggy’s strong vocals as well. Check it out.


Loyalty is sometimes in short supply these days. People are often here today for you, gone to the next movement or person tomorrow. Singer DYLI’s “LOE” (Loyalty over Everything) talks about this while also doubling a bit as an “I deserve a better love” sort of song as well. I like her vocals as well, they remind me of a mix between Jhene Aiko and Summer Walker (without the obvious “eff these N-words” lines because then we’d have an entirely different problem with this one). It’s also one of those sorts of songs that’s promoting of one’s self-worth and self-care.

28. and The.Blind.Monkey – “Say That You Love Me”

Quebec City artists 28. and The.Blind.Monkey channel their inner old-school rapper(s) and talks about, strangely enough, a riff in the friendship between the two artists. Sometimes, you’ve got to step back and reboot/reset and then come back once you did that. I like this one because it’s got that old-school feel to it, but they’re both lyrically impressive and their flows here are definitely a sight to behold. If a relationship/partnership is meant to be, it’ll withstand dark moments. These two get that and it crafted some great music as a result. I’m also a fan of the beat, produced by Twenny.

Cameron Forbes – “White Shoes”

A song that appears on Forbes’ Back to Me EP, “White Shoes” channels its Frank Ocean while also discussing the desire to keep it real. I love the two-part aspect of this song. This is a beautiful song and also shows that Forbes’ voice is just as powerful as his pen (he’s written songs for artists such as Tyga and Carrie Underwood). I also enjoyed his discussions of how one of his relationships faltered because he wanted reality and realness and his ex just gave BS and tried to just keep up with appearances. The vocals are very strong, reminding me a bit of Usher mixed with a bit of Frank.

Lu Bennett and Miss Tina Fondren – “Green Pastures”

A neo-soul rap song that’s based on 1 Corinthians 4:7? Check. A rap song about recognizing the greatness of working things out instead of just ending it? Yep. This one is lyrically sound, sonically lovely and mixes religious overtones with love and keeping oneself grounded. Yes, I love this one as well because, while I’m in the middle of some things, I love the idea of a long-term relationship staying together even when the storms may come.

Chase Soundz – “Nighttime”

A mix between rap and reggae, Chase Soundz’ latest track is about love, even if there is a bit of lust in there as well. I enjoyed production on this one, because it hits those boombap vibes while blending some reggae-infused energies as well. Considering that Valentine’s Day is Monday, there’s no surprise that today’s Quickies (and probably Monday’s as well) has a lot of love songs. I also like the sensuality, as it’s there without things getting too overtly sexual (that’s a masterful line to walk, believe it or not).

makro – “Backroom”

makro first appeared on SOTBMusic with Vol. 13’s Quickies and their Frank Ocean cover. This one, a smooth jam entitled “Backroom,” continues those vibes we got originally while also expanding on their soundscape. Channeling a jazz lounge scene, “Backroom” is, like some of the other songs in this Quickies, very sensual without being overtly sexual. There’s a sleekness to it, like a brand-new car, but there’s also a tenderness to it as well. Need something jazzy to play to set a mood? This one’s definitely for you.

Enjoy your weekend with some of these tunes and do the thing: support dope music in all its forms.

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