Fatlip and Blu Provide Something “Good For the Soul” with Ras Kass and Hemlock Ernst

All I’ve got to say about this one is “damn, this is fire AF while being lyrically impressive AF as well.” Go head and do the thing.

…oh, y’all still here? Okay, let me stop frothing at the mouth like a fanboy. Even though, with new Blu verses, it’s a bit hard to not stand here like “yes!”

Fatlip and Blu combine to drop new golden-age era hip-hop about, well, a lot. Between Blackness, keeping real rap alive, police brutality, and a ton of punchlines, we’re given a lot to digest in the extended version of this track. That’s never been a problem for me, since I love densely-populated hip-hop and this is one of those tracks that’s densely-populated with boombap vibes, lyrics for days and something that sounds like it’s timeless.

This one is slated to be on Fatlip and Blu’s Live From the End of the World Vol. 1, (Demos) project, which is due out in the beginning of April 2022. It also comes on the heels of the Madlib-produced “Gangsta Rap.” If you need bars on top of bars, check this one out and do the thing: support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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