SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. 24, 2/15/22

As we know, I typically leave Quickies for Monday and Friday. However, I’ve gotten a heaping pile of good music. So much so, I’ve got to present the Kobe Volume (RIP) a bit earlier than expected. I hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day was cool, and I hope today’s sidepiece festivities go well if you’re in that sort of predicament. I kid, but I’m also slightly serious. Sidepieces deserve love, too, because they deal with some BS.

Now, without any other silliness, let’s get into our 24th Quickies volume and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Amplified. – “Work It Out”

This one reminds me of a mix between Mac Miller, Coloring Book-era Chance the Rapper and Silk Sonic. The Santa Cruz native wants to work things out with his romantic partner and is willing to sing their praises and is ready to give everything to him. I love the flow on this one, as it’s a rapid-fire one mixed with a smooth sing-songy approach. This is definitely a new favorite of mine, specifically because of its production and execution. This is kind of what I look for when I get sing-rap songs, so it fits perfectly.

Eddy Cane – “Common Man”

Another sing-rap song about love and normalcy, Eddy Cane’s “Common Man” feels like Cane took Dusty Rhodes’ philosophy (of being just a regular guy who was blessed with talent) and is living his own twist on the American Dream. I love this one because it’s a regular-guy anthem. It’s not for the millionaires pushing Bentleys. It’s for your 9-to-5ers who’re working to provide for their families and sometimes wonder if their partners are really going to stick by them as they grind.

keni can fly – “mr. wednesday”

A track that’s already received a great amount of press via Spotify, keni can fly’s latest is one of those “I’ll be fine as long as I stop constricting myself” sorts of songs. He’s big on not stressing over things (mainly material things and nonexistent fears). The mental health bars here are also big on self-love and self-respect. Sonically, this one reminds me of something you would’ve heard early Chance or Mac deliver. The production is sonically sound and pleasing while not really belonging to any set subgenre of hip-hop. It’s trippy but also a bit mellow and loving. I’ve run this one back a few times. While I’ve never been high off shrooms (as keni admits to being while coming to some of the realizations he put down on “wednesday”), I’ve been high off life. While being in that state, I’ve been able to find out things about myself during that process that I wouldn’t have before.

Tazzy – “FLY”

What happens when you have bars about religion, mental health and self-love over a moody beat by an artist who reminds me of Lauryn Hill? I think you’d get Tazzy’s “FLY.” The London rapper’s latest release wants to reach high peaks and live life without dealing with negativity. The beat reminds me of a mid-90s beat, so I’m here for that, especially since Tazzy’s got bars for days. The visuals (below) have an old-school sort of feel to them and feature the rapper flowing like one of the greats. She’s got a bright future, in my opinion, because she’s lyrically sound, has an ear for beats and (most importantly) has a lot of substance in her lyrics.

Foster – “i tried everything”

A track that also deals with mental health (although it’s more on the darker side of things), the upbeat-but-dark “i tried everything” finds Foster rhyming about fears of growing up and thoughts of isolation. The darkness also has truth behind it, as the song came to being from a tough time in Foster’s life. There’s a helping of “I’m tired of this life,” while also having a bit of “even though that’s the case, I can’t give up.” It’s one of those tracks that you’ll sing along to because it’s catchy then get grabbed by the lyricism and the subject matter. Featuring Kailee Morgue and a beat by Zaini, “everything” has a sadness to it, but still a sliver of hope to it as well..

VerseBorn x Flamingo Fred – “City of Hippies”

A track about San Francisco, post-pandemic, “City of Hippies” is a bit out there, however it also contains some darkness within the humorous (at times) lyricism. I like this one because of the duality of the chorus, as it discusses isolation amongst people and a city that’s seen some of its individuality taken away from it because of the pandemic. Lyrically, this one is dope. The beat–specifically the flute–gives it an abstract, trippy feel. However, there’s still a lot of optimism within the darkness

Akapel – “Forever in a Day”

UK rapper Akapel’s “Forever in a Day” features a soulful beat and positivity throughout (which is a recurring theme today). I love the two-part element of the song, as it reminds me of Nas or Pac mixed with Cole. The second part of the track, to me, is the stronger one (even though both parts are equally positive). That’s because of the beat, which takes the melody of the first part and lets the melody breathe versus the chipmunked sample.

AdamTx – “worth it”

This one reminds me of a mix between UGK and Migos with Cudi in there for good measure. That is, it’s smooth and methodical, but trappy at the same time. The beat reminds me of something you’d hear KRIT or UGK dropping knowledge on and the lyricism is deep while still being delivered in a way that’s not off-putting because it’s “too smart for its own good.”

Sosa – “Celestite”

German producer Sosa’s “Celestite” finds the producer interacting within time and space to present something that’s slightly otherworldly, but definitely divine. It’s one of those lo-fi tracks that works as well without lyrics as it probably would with them. Taking inspiration from neo-soul and G-Funk, Sosa put his foot into this one and made something beautiful. Check it out, for sure.

Drea Dominique – “Block”

This one–its video and the song–reminds me of early 2000s R&B with 2020s sensibilities. Dealing with f-boys seems to be a difficult task, because they may seem like they’re decent until their real tendencies come unearthed. Sometimes, you just have to block negativity and keep it moving. I love the production on this one, which is helmed by Travis Kr8ts, because it’s smooth and has a throwback appeal but also feels planted in 2022.

J/O/E x Suave-Ski – “Crewz Control”

I like this one because it reminds me a bit of early Spitta, in that it’s got that smooth old-school “let’s chill and smoke something” feel to it while lyrically being on point. I also like the green hues in the video, as they bring to mind money and weed (even though I don’t partake in the latter). The production is great and the lyrics are less about just getting money and more about being your best self.

Moonchild x Tank and the Bangas“Get By”

The latest single from Moonchild’s Starfruit album finds the group delivering sonically-pleasing vocals and smooth instrumentation. I’m here for the overall message of the track, as it matches the overall message of unity and creativity the album’s seemingly about while also being its own thing. The group is playing in DC on April 1st, so if you’re feeling what I’ve shared from them, you should check out their show. The songs I’ve shared have been amazing, so I may have to check out the group myself.

Keep supporting dope music in all its forms. The next Quickies post will be on Friday.

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