In the Mini-Documentary “Deepest Vibes,” Borelson Discusses What Love Means to Him and Three Other Couples

We’re a day after Valentine’s Day, but Canadian artist Borelson understands that we need love 24/7/365. Inspired by “the richness of Black love,” this one’s equally about finding love and learning from past mistakes and past relationships. I love that the visuals for this one feature three couples, each in various stages of their relationships, discussing what love is and what it means to them. I’m also a fan of the winter-esque visuals, as they showcase that love is one of those things that’ll get us through even the not-so-great times. It’s not just there in the positive, but also in the negative. The way that the video breaks down love from each couple’s perspective, kind of like the Black Love docuseries, is great and commendable as well.

I’ve included the visuals as well as the song, as some may just want to hear the song. However, I feel that the visuals add to the story and add to the depth displayed on “Deepest Vibes.” Borelson said that if a listener likes Kendrick or Jidenna with a bit of PartyNextDoor, they’ll like this one. I can’t deny that because the vibes presented here are, well, deep as the largest of oceans. I love this one because I love love and love people–especially Black people–being in love and discussing it. Check out the powerful visuals and the song itself above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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