02Drano “Didn’t Ask For” Much, But They Want Love

I’m not sure who 02Drano is, but I’ve become a fan of theirs based on their understanding of love and love songs showcased on “Didn’t Ask For.” The song is, sonically, based on legendary artists such as Sade and Aretha Franklin and their approach to the idea of love. Add that to a mix of modern sensibilities, such as the synths throughout the song, and you’re given a track that’s equally Sade-inspired and Weeknd-influenced in its attempts to bring back the love of Drano’s life. I’m a huge fan of the production as well, since it mixes a bit of Dawn FM Weeknd with some Sade-esque sensibilities on the beat. This mix allows Drano to float over the production and showcase vocal skills while also providing listeners with a sonically-pleasing track that’s equally new and old-school.

This one was pitched to me as a Blade Runner-esque trip to find love. I’d agree with that sentiment because it’s synthy, futuristic and cinematic. However, it does this while still having a foot deeply entrenched within the realities of today. Love is one of those things that’s everlasting and evergreen and, once you find it, you want to keep it around. I think that’s the idea 02Drano went for on this one. Check it out below and do the thing: remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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