Theo Tams Discusses The Pitfalls of the Music Industry on “I Could Be Hot”

Theo Tams has been around the music industry for longer than some who’ve been featured on SOTB. With that in mind, he has a lot of experiences that are distinct to an elder statesman. For example, he’s young in years but has been passed up on because he seems too “old” for what the industry is looking for. He also has experienced some folks pigeonholing him into a certain aesthetic because he won Canadian Idol. That sort of foolishness is exactly what Tams is rallying against on “I Could Be Hot,” an R&B-flavored pop tune from the Canadian native.

I’m here for the overall message Tams is putting out on this one, even though it’s presented in a slightly tongue-in-cheek sort of way. That’s one of the idea that artists should be able to just be themselves–not the “them” someone else wants them to be. As an indie artist myself, I know I wouldn’t really fit in with a label or a big corporate entity backing me. I also know that, while I’d get the buzz, I like being able to create what I like to create and not worry about making hits or what have you.

Check out the track and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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