Genra and Anti Lilly Present the Smooth “High Road”

The West Coast and Houston connect on this smooth boombap hip-hop track from Genra and Anti Lilly. From jump, I was here for this one because it’s a solid song. It reminds me a bit of a mix between “Blu Collar Worker” and a bit of TPAB Kendrick in that it’s an everyman anthem that’s jazzy but also more than that.

In fact, the track finds the two artists speaking on their plights as artists and men. We’re given two looks into their world and we see that not everything is glitz and glamour. Instead, there’s an equal amount of hurt and pain on the road(s) they’ve chosen. The beat is also a strong component of the overall experience. That’s because the Jake Milliner beat taps into that jazzy sweet spot in hip-hop where it’s not too much of a throwback, but also not too abstract in its approach.

Check it out below and do the thing: support dope music in all its forms. From what I’ve gathered, this will not be the last time we see Genra and Anti Lilly collaborate. If their future collaborations are anything like “High Road,” listeners will be treated to greatness on the track(s).

Speed on the Beat

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