Ed Green Continues the Wave on ‘Tenchi Muyo 2’

Last year, Baltimore’s Ed Green dropped his Tenchi Muyo project. I covered that project on SOTB because it was equal parts hard bars, gritty beats and more anime references than a Crunchyroll IG post (which is to say, a lot). On its sequel, we find Green getting even more comfortable with his flow and his beat selection. We also get to see his lyrics grow and mature because he’s experimenting with flows and schemes that are simple in theory but deeper in execution. It’s equal parts continuation of what we saw on Snow Day and an evolution of the original TM.

Over seventeen minutes, we see a variety of subjects and flows. On “Birdie,” Green employs a mix between the “typical Baltimore flow” and a bit of Future’s nonchalant nature, mixing in drugs and sex like rappers pour up and pop. However, the project isn’t just “we’re doing drugs just for the sake of doing them,” as the project discusses the negatives of that lifestyle in a matter-of-fact way, just like it discusses the “positives.” Overall, it’s a solid project, one that showcases the young rapper’s abilities and makes you curious to see what’ll come next from Green. I’m assuming that we’ll get a Tenchi Muyo 3 with even more maturation on the beats and bars.

Check out the quick project below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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