Noa James, Propaganda and Eugene O’Neil Talk About Their “Purpose” on New Song

Noa James first appeared on SOTBMusic with his “Razor Ramon” track. This one’s a bit different, as it focuses on the positives and trying to make sense of some things versus being a bit of a bad guy. James’ grandmother recently passed on from this world and, instead of getting angry, he poured himself into music, his love, tapping in with Eugene O’Neal (who handles the production here) and Propaganda to create the powerful “Purpose.”

What we end up getting out of his pain is a track that details what purpose is, why we need one and how having one makes life that much more sweeter. The production here is solid and the flows are impeccable. Coming up on the seventh anniversary of my mom’s death, the month before March 28th, previously, was dark and full of gloom and negative emotions. Today, I realize that my purpose is more than just sitting there feeling bad about the situation. I feel that’s what James is trying to put out there with this song. It’s less about the darkness and more about finding a bit of light in the world, even if some of the people who gave you light in the first place aren’t here anymore in the physical sense.

If you need some light, check this one out and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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